ukulele beginner lesson chords

Twinkle twinkle little star chords for ukulele, easy chords for beginners. : ukelele, for my ...
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Best ukulele for a beginner who wants to take lessons?
Hi there, I recently bought a $30 ukulele and taught myself how to play a few chords (and just beginning tabs), however I was disappointed that they were plastic-y strings and had a LOT of buzz. what are some good quality ukuleles for beginners? I also would like to take lessons at my local music school. Thanks!!!Beginner Ukulele!?!!?
Last summer I tried to teach myself to play the acoustic guitar. didnt work out to well. so i decided i would try the ukulele this summer. seems simpler. less strings, less frets. so question one, will it be easier?question two, what is a good, cheap, beginner ukulele i could buy? and question three, what are some songs i could learn to play besides "jason mraz-im yours"? or even songs i could get ukulele chords for that dont necessarily have a ukulele in the song. thank you so much.How much do ukulele lessons cost for a beginner?
Good ukulele for beginners?
I'm a complete beginner, really and truly I know nothing about music, I just like listening to it. However, I have always wanted to learn a musical instrument ever since I was little but couldn't decide which to learn. I'm a huge fan of John Mayer and I know he's a really talented guitarist, I was inspired by him to try the guitar but I found it really difficult to change chords as my hands were too small and I couldn't reach and fit my hand properly. So theoretically I thought a ukulele would be easier as it was smaller. What I'm asking is recommendations for a good ukulele for a beginner, I'm aware of course generally the more you pay the better the quality but my mum will not allow me to buy an expensive one unless I improve and can actually play something. I'm not looking for a top of the range one just one that will allow me to learn all of the basics but have a decent sound to it. Like I say I have no idea which ones are good for the price and which are not. Thanks :) (I have looked on here but they all say to go for more expensive ones)Ukulele songs for beginners?
I have just brought myself a ukulele and i want to learn a song on it, preferably a pop song or a tune i know so any links to clips or websites with songs on for beginners would be help full :) all i can find really is just chords which is slightly boring so i would quite like something that has chords and a melody line you can play at the same time if that's possible ? thankss.

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