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What are some basic fun songs to play on the ukulele, whats a song with 4 chords or less?
I know about 10 or more chords, but i just need a song to learn. i learned tons of chords now i wanna learn a SONG! but an easy one, i can't chuck yet though. so no song with chucking:( but any suggestions?NeverShoutNever songs on the ukulele?
Can anyone give me the tabs to any of his songs? Specifically for the ukulele, thank you (: peace&loveWhat's a good ukulele for a beginner?
I've never played an instrument before and was looking into possibly trying a ukulele, but I'm kind of stumped at what to get. I'm into vintage stuff, so I would love to get a vintage one but the ones on ebay are really confusing to say the least. Any ideas at what's a good vintage at a reasonable price to look out for on there or overall a good ukulele that would be suitable to teach myself with?Does anyone know the song at the end of Private Practice? (10/7/10)?
Does anyone know the title of the song and the artist? It's the end of season 4, episode 3. It's at the end of the episode, and it features a ukulele. It's just a series of simple chords.Ukulele Questions Please Help =D?
some questions 1. When they say 1st freit do they mean the top one or the bottom one 2. what are the white dots in the middle 3. How do you memorize chords/ read them 4.why does when i hold like some notes together( random) then i strum it makes a cluck sound like there is no ring of music or anything. 5. is there anyway to clean a ukulele up or get scratches off of it with just home ingridents? Thank youuu! 10 pts :D like for number 3 i know it goes i think G,C,E,A but when i want to learn songs theres like a b or something idk what it is and things like #AF or something idk what those mean can someone explain and show me a trick to memorize it.

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