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Im looking for a web site that shows ukulele chords like this~~?
E7= 2-0-2-1,,, like that. I found a site like that but lost it,,thxNevershoutnever ukulele chords!?
hey there. i play the ukulele and i have been practicing a few songs recently. i really like a band called nevershoutnever, and you are probably only useful if you know who he is, either that, or know a LOT of good places for ukulele chords. i can already play all of the songs off the 'me and my uke EP', and i got those from, so there is no point recommending that sight. please, does anyone know where i can find UKULELE chords for his other songs, even though they are done on guitar? do you think anyone out there has them? do you think it is even possible? anyway, it would be a great help if you knew, and even better if the chords are nice and simple to play, my fingers are little you see! also, i think the best songs are from the summer EP, so if you know where to get chords from those songs that would be fab! i am being really picky now, am i not!? ;) thanks in advance! love you xWhere to find a Ukulele chord chart?
Hi, I want to learn how to play the ukulele but I don't know where to find a chart that shows me every thing I need for begginning.. Please help ASAP SOME ONE HAS TO HAVE AN ANSWER! Thanks very much =)Tips Ukulele chord playing?
I am not completely new at playing the ukulele. I get how to play basic chords like C, F, Em, and the other easy ones but I have problems with the more complicated ones. I will play a more complicated chord that I know I am fingering correctly but it does not sound right.I also have troubles with moving my fingers quick enough to change chords. I know practice makes perfect but I have been playing since last summer and I am not any better really. Is there any tricks or tips to help with these issues, or is there any finger exercises that I can do (like ones piano teachers teach beginners to get there fingers more flexible) or anything else anyone can tell me to help me become a better uke player that would be great. THANK YOU :)Are Ukulele Chords The Same As Guitar Chords?
I've been playing the guitar for over 6 years now and I've recentley just purchased a ukulele. I was wondereing if ukulele chords are basically the same as guitar chords, and that I don't have to go and buy a book to help me ? A little help please.

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