the judge ukulele chords

Tenerife Sea sheet music by Ed Sheeran (Ukulele u2013 121907)
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Questions & Answers :

Is the ukulele easy to learn to play?
i want answers from people who can play the ukulele and just wondering is it easy to learn songs and chords etc cause i want to get oneThe difference between guitar and ukulele?
i know this is a stupit question but .i wanna learn to play ukulele cause i like its sound, but i Wonder If its possible to play all the tunes or chords like on guitar. Whats the basic difference ? (please dont judge me im a complete noob :D i play piano but just by ear so i have no idea about music theory ) thanks:)Does anyone know the chords to this song on ukulele? Please help!!?
I thought it was a pretty good sounding song and pretty simple but I have no clue what the chords are. Please help!! Listen to it here Thanks!How to read tabs? Ukulele?
For example, for the link below, what do all the x's represent? one? (Ukulele)?
There are two beginner kits that I think are worth the try on this site. I'd just like to know the benefits of having the $200 set vs the $100 set. I've heard that it will stay in tune better and the case being hard is obviously better but why else? or, why not? does it even matter much.

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