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Piano : tablature pour piano Tablature Pour plus Tablature Pour Pianou201a Pianos
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How can I pick out a music teacher?
I live in a shitty town which is very conservative and music is looked upon as a "men only" activity, and "nice" girls are supposed to dance around in overalls. However, I have dreams about improving my guitar playing, and my keyboard playing as well as learning the drums competently enough to be in a band. Lately I've had a HUGE blow in life and the only thing keeping me alive is this dream of learning music. I need something to pour my heart into or it will break irreparably, and I have realized the huge need for music in my life. However, I need a proper teacher, I'm not getting anywhere on my own. I'm not sure where to find one, or what is a reasonable price, or what to look for in one. I would like to have piano lessons, drum lessons and of course guitar lessons. Will most piano teachers accept left handed students? (I'm left handed in life, right handed on guitar, I guess I'm ambi lol. I always draw with my right sometimes, I am a bit of an oddball. But, I'm digressing.) Also, how do I know what my level of guitar playing is? I've been playing for years, and have played in bands. I read musical notation on staff and tablature. Sure I can play Joe Satriani and Stevie Ray Vaughan songs by ear, but I'm not sure if I'm "advanced" when I lack some quintessential tools. Thank you if you can help me.

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