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Calling all pedal steel guitar players?
Hello. right now i have been playing electric and acoustic guitar for 6 years. I currently became very interested in learning the pedal steel guitar. I will be teaching myself so is it really hard to learn? Are there a lot of songs online that could give me tabs? Basically im asking if it is worthwhile to spend a lot of money. I dont want it if there are only 3 songs im gona learn. im up for the challenge im just curious how hard it was to learn. thanks for your help.Very Hard Acoustic Guitar Songs (Steel String, no fingerpicking)?
Does anyone know any REAAALLLY difficult acoustic guitar songs, that use a pick? That means none or limited string bending and obviously no tremelo bar. Also, no finger picking songs, like Classical Gas for instance, besides i already know that one. Something like Slightly Stoopid's "Closer to the Sun" would be nice. Its just that I have this one steel string acoustic guitar which I seldom use since I've never found many interesting songs for steel string acoustic guitar. CORD strumming songs are a big NO NO! Thanks to anyone who can solve this dilema..Where can i find free music song tablature for steel-string acoustic guitar?
Need some song tabs that also have symbol notation termanolagy on it?Wanting to learn how play the guitar ?
For the past few months i have been interested in learning to play the guitar and i have got a few questions, first i want to learn to play the acoustic guitar, is steel string acoustic guitar the most common one cause that's the one im planning to buy, what brands are good for a starter and are reasonably priced, im going to go check a second hand store also, Also what other materials should i buy along with the guitar (picks etc.) Also i plan on trying to teach myself how to play are there sources out there the can make it easily understandable, and once im done learning and playing the acoustic i plan on moving to to electric.Some guitar questions :)?
I'm hoping to start guitar lessons this year, I've never done anything guitar-y before, and I have some questions. Thanks a lot if you answer any :) *If you play electric, does the actual guitar cost more or less $$$ by itself? And do you HAVE to buy an amp? *If you can play one (acoustic or elec) can you play both? Besides the harder strings in acoustic? *Are songs played on guitar easier to remember than how to play songs on say, a violin or saxophone? Because singers and stuff always remember, and I know professional orchestra people do too, but *How does guitar music work? I know there's chords, but is it still like playing in like, treble clef? Or are there less chords than there are notes in a song, or anything? I'm confused. If you could compare it to playing something like woodwind (which I've played) in treble clef, I'd appreciate it :) *Does having played violin or viola, help your fingers against guitar strings? (I'm pretty sure theyve gone tougher because of it, since it doesn't hurrt on those strings any more) Thanks a lot! :D Thank you everyone. I would liek to be able to play guitar whilst singing, or whilst someone else is singing,. like to an actual song, even if the guitar is mostly rhythm. The reason I quit viola was partly because it was pointless, I don't want to join an orchestra when I'm older and you can't paly very cool music by itself. My sister and I will both start guitar, and we'll hopefully get our brother into drums, and then we could have like a little band if we get good enough :P. Even if we just play to ourselves or our family :.

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