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Ukulele : speak now ukulele chords Speak Now Ukulele Chords : Speak Nowu201a Speak Now Ukuleleu201a Ukulele
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Beginner songs to learn on ukulele and pointers?
Well me being just a weird person woke up one morning and said I want to play a ukulele. Went on amazon.com and bought a ukulele and Ive been teaching myself for like three months now. The thing is I still dont feel like I got anywhere. All I can play is twinkle twinkle little star, row row row your boat, happy birthday, and trouble by nevershoutnever. Does anyone have some tips/pointers for me and songs that arnt too hard but I can work on. I am trying to get away from the children's song thing and trouble is the only full length song I can play.Is this ukulele any good?
I bought my first ukulele a week ago or so. I suppose I fell in love with it after the first few chords. The ukulele I bought was a basic "BadAax Soprano Ukulele", which set me back a whopping $27 haha. While I love the instrument, the quality of this particular one is exactly what you'd expect for $27, and the sound isn't something particularly pleasant. So I'm getting a new one! My problem is that the only way I have to buy it is with a gift card for newegg.com (which is a computer parts website). There is very little selection, and the only soprano ukuleles they have are made by BadAax. It's a "BadAax Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele" Link - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=02D-0036-00061&cm_re=ukulele-_-02D-0036-00061-_-Product I'm having an impossible time trying to find any kind of reviews on this models, let alone this brand (other than the reviews of parents who bought their kids the $27 model and spoke of it as if it was the best uke out there). Has anyone ever heard anything about this brand? It seems to be a kind of no-name brand, so I'm a bit weary.On stringed, fretted instruments, how can I improve fret accuracy?
OK, trying to learn more about the mechanics of a stringed instrument. I'm actually learning the Ukulele, but I suppose this is all related to guitars too. Please note that I am a total noob in this area, just using common sense and my own reasoning to get from point A to point B. I have been playing with restringing the High G to a Low G. (I have actually abandoned this temporarily). It is a much thicker string and I could tune it to G on the Uke, but I could not get it to sound right when playing chords. I couldn't figure out why not until I picked up a cheap but decent electric tuner. What I discovered was almost shocking. Technically speaking, with a semi-tone at each fret, it should progress from G to G# (1), A (2), A# (3) B (4). It is pretty close with a high G string. With a Low G, it's not even remotely close. First fret skips right to a fairly accurate A. Second fret is rather sharp A# and third fret is a somewhat sharp B. Please hold answers 'til I clarify Oddly, things seem to get better as I move up the fretboard. I thought this was very strange, and checked the other strings. What I noticed was that I seemed to be pressing too hard. By pressing a bit less hard, I could get much better accuracy. But I also noticed that the inaccuracy wasn't restricted to my low G. It was also present on my E and C strings. The problem seems to get worse with fatter strings. I started to check to make sure the strings were properly seated in the string guide at the neck and observing the actual height from the fretboard required for an accurate tone. My conclusions are thus: The first three frets are affected worst, with the strongest effect at the first fret and declining onward. Fatter strings are affected more and are generally a bit harder to get accurate at any point in the fretboard. The fret distances themselves appear to be correct on both of my ukes (both cheap sopranos). (And one more addition of details .) Since these are cheap ukes, I'm considering making some modifications to see if I can improve the situation. Possible ideas: Filing the String Guide to allow the strings to sit a bit lower - but doing so individually for C and E strings. Removing and filing the bottom of the String Guide and letting the whole thing sit lower. Sanding the first three frets to allow a slightly lower height when pressed. I have a micrometer, so I would make very subtle and very precise changes. ________ OK, so now the questions: Which of the above mentioned would be the best move to improve the accuracy (with normal stringing) for the C and E strings? Are there any other methods that I could try? Is there anything I could look up? ________ I'm also considering buying a new Uke in the 200-400 USD range. Since this appears to not be a problem with fret distances, are these issues addressed in higher end instruments? Thank you.Can IQ drastically change, or am I thinking of something different?
Alright this will likely sound arrogant no matter how I write it, so I will try my best to avoid that. I have always considered myself a pretty smart fellow. In High School ( I am in my low 30's now) I did alright. Not great, but alright. I get constant 70%, sometimes 80%, rarely 90%. Having said that, I was a HUGE slacker in high school. I NEVER did homework, never really studied much. I played a bit of guitar back in the day, but not much. Years after high school, and some post secondary, I find myself extremely absorbed by a lot of the things I used to be hesitant to learn back in school. I am not even kidding when I say this, but I will actually find myself doing calculus equations now because I find it interesting. I was in Mexico about 3 years ago. I have NEVER spoke a lick of spanish in my life. Being in Mexico for 6 days, 6 DAYS, I was having pretty wordy, and involved conversations in spanish. I am sure I was stumbling on it, but I picked it up in no time. I randomly purchased a ukulele, just because I felt like it, and I was hammering out chords in minutes, having never touched the thing in my life. Keep in mind, I was NEVER trained in musical theory. I just hear something, and know it sounds right. On that note, I have become ALOT better on guitar in the last few years, and also picked up drums. Again, on the musical note, I was in a music store, as I often am. I just randomly asked if I could pick up a violin. No reason behind it really. The guy asked me how long I had taken lessons for. I said "This is the first time one of these has been in my hands" he said "it sounds like you have been playing for at least 3-4 months. I spend 6-7 hours or so a week, just reading, and hypothesizing fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics, just because I feel like it. I feel like if I am not stuffing my head with information as often as possible (science, math, chemistry, theology even) I am irritable, tired, unsatisfied. Normally I guess this is not such a bad thing, but it actually lends to me being slightly antisocial. I sometimes rather stay home and watch a documentary on particle physics, then go out and have a drink on a friday. Not that I think the actual IQ number actually holds THAT much value, but I have entertained myself and taken multiple tests. now, I fully understand that most of these online tests are pretty short, inaccurate, or just plain outdated. Nevertheless, I score consistently over about 125, every single time. Maybe a few under 120, and on a few occasions, over 130. What does this mean? Again, I am not trying to sound snobbish. As I said, I actually find that I have become alot more introverted than I have ever been, and I used to like being social. Why does/has reading, learning, and absorbing information become so important for me in the last few years or so. Please, answer this honestly, as I asked the question honestly.

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