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Piano u00bb Jazz Piano Chords Progressions - Music Sheets, Tablature, Chords and Lyrics
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Cool Smooth Jazz Piano Chord?
Looking for jazzy 4 chords for a piano song for my left hand. any help? or maybe some block chords (or something like that) im sorry im a total beginnerSmooth/mellow jazz chords?
I need some smooth or mellow jazz chords. If you listen to filthy franks rice balls at 1:10 (contains profanity) there are some really nice ones but I dont know how to play them. I am an experienced piano player. If you could give them as the notes themselves that would be great too.What makes up a smooth jazz piano piece?
I am writing a smooth jazz piece on piano, but I want to know what makes it sound "smooth" as in chords and all that other good stuff.How to start playing smooth jazz piano?
Hello everyone. I've played the classical piano for 10 years already; but about a year and a half ago I moved here. I joined my local High School and started playing at the jazz band. Now, after playing full classical for 10 years without even knowing jazz existed, it was pretty hard at first trying to know what all those chords meant. However now I know how to read the chords. And we've been playing for a while and I thought I was doing it right. But recently I went to play at the all county high school jazz bands, and I met Jazz Pianists. People my age (17) that play jazz like no other. I then realized the style of jazz I've been playing is not real jazz, it's just me playing a combination of new age with jazz chords. So I'm asking jazz musicians, or pianists if possible: How do I start learning how to play the style of smooth jazz? I loved it. I asked the people at that school I went to, but they just told me: "You just gotta play man!". In my school there's nobody to teach me jazz piano, and my teacher is not really a jazz pianists either. How do I start playing jazz? I thought it was the most awesome thing once I heard it. Thanks.What can I do to begin to learn new jazz chords for piano?
Is there a text book that teaches me new chords and how to and where to apply them? Any techniques on learning new chords and applications for them such as passing ect ...

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