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Why can't I play these mandolin chords?
Okay, so I have been playing piano for a while now, and decided I would try mandolin. I just got my new mandolin and have it tuned properly (at least I think so) and am trying to play a G chord. So I put my fingers on the right strings and frets, and then I strum. But it doesn't sound like a G chord; it just sounds like when I strum without my fingers on the strings at all. Is it because my fingers are too big? Is it because my mandolin isn't tuned right? Or am I just playing the chord wrong? Thanks! :) I tuned it, and played the chord exactly like you said, and it still isn't playing.Can simple major chords lose notes?
The notes of a major chord are 1-3-5 of the major scale. But can it lose the 5 and still be called a major chord? I think it has to keep the 3, otherwise it's a x5 chord.Is it possible to have hands that are too small for a mandolin?
A few years ago, I tried to play the guitar and after about six months of faithful practice, I couldn't even do simple chords because my tiny fingers are incapable of stretching just two or three frets away. So, I reasoned that a mandolin might be easier: four sets of strings and a much smaller neck. But, again, I had the same problem. My pinkie finger is so small that the tip sits between the strings without properly pressing down either of them. Is this legitimate or am I just making excuses? Is there a solution to my tiny-hand problem or another instrument that I could plausibly play? I have over $300 in this thing, so I'd really appreciate any advice you have to offer.Is the mandolin a difficult instrument to take up without experience?
I have no history in music and I have never played a string instrument, but I do have a good ear for rhythm and very good hand-eye coordination. I wanted to take up an instrument and the mandolin appealed to me VERY much. With my background, would the mandolin be difficult or would I be alright with practice?If I can play ukulele is it very easy to play mandolin?
I can play ukulele, how different is the mandolin.

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