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Guitar u00bb Ragtime Guitar Tabs - Music Sheets, Tablature, Chords and Lyrics
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What is a guitar tab?
i know this sounds really stupid but i want to learn how to play electric guitar and someone told me to start by playing guitar tabs, and i just wanted to know what exactly they areJrock sheet music/how to read tabs?
I'm looking for Jrock music for the cello or bass guitar (Especially Kanon Wakashima and Miyavi's Kimi ne Negai wo for cello) and Lm.c, Gazette, An Cafe, Miyavi, etc. for bass guitar. I dont know how to read tabs, so maybe even if someone could tell me how to do that, since it's so hard to get sheet music ?Acoustic Guitar Ideas?
Okay so I have started to play acoustic guitar (I'm 15) and I am looking for songs I can learn that is not just simple chords. For example, boulevard of broken dreams-the thing i can do is Emajor, Gmajor, Dmajor, Amajor .but then the rest of the song is too complicated for my ability. Is there a known song I can play using notes and chords at the same time to make it sound good using the guitar alone? Please take my beginner status into consideration when giving suggestions. Thanks!!!I'm looking for sheet music. Is there a book that has popular songs whether it be blues, jazz or rock but?
written for ragtime or finger style guitarAre there other good classical guitar songs other than "The Entertainer" By Scott Joplin?

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