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Piano u00bb Piano Chords Of Thinking Out Loud - Music Sheets, Tablature, Chords and Lyrics
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What do u guyz think?
Me and my friend, Mat who's gonna play bongos, wanna provide musical entertaimet for our 8th grade cotillion. So far i kno for sure i wanna play Dont Matter by Akon. Part of my question is would it be easier to learn on guitar and piano? also, what would be easier to sing along with and keep in rhythm with: guitar or piano? Its in february so i got some time. Lastly, what other good songs would be good to play? Sources, sources, sources please!! Let me kno guitar tabs, guitar lessons, piano sheets music etc. I also wanna know how to read sheet music. Anything you kno about anything i mentioned PLEASE!!!Is it possible to teach myself guitar and piano?
I really want to play Guitar. Like Acoustic then other types. How hard is it to self-teach yourself the Guitar? Please answer if you're self-taught. I would like it very much if I could be in a band when I get to college, maybe. It would be nice to be able to write songs with a band. By the time I'm well into college I would like to have mastered Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, and maybe the Drums. In that order. It would be brilliant to be able to do that, like have a hidden gift. I would like to self teach them ALL to myself. LESSONS ARE NOT AN OPTION. I know that I won't be able to master music theory, but I don't even know what that is. Plus lessons are not an option for me. I'm a 14 year old girl which is kind of weird, me wanting to be in a band and all. My favorite band is Coldplay, they've really inspired me to learn guitar and piano even more. One additional question if Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar are basically the same thing, why do they sound so darn different? Also, if I learn Acoustic Guitar, and then Electric, will I have to teach myself anything new, or is it that I just master Acoustic and I'm all set for Electric and Bass? I've played the Trumpet before, and know how to read the music for it. But Piano and Guitar sheet music is like a foreign language to me. All the chords are hard. So will my knowledge of the Trumpet help me at all? I don't think so. I love working for things so that's why I want to be self-taught. So if there is anyone who self-taught themselves one or more of these instruments, I'd like to hear from you. Do you guys think I can successfully pull it off? Yes or No? -ThanksHelp on song writing?
Hi, how would I be able to write a song? I am looking for a career in music teaching it, being in a band, etc and I want to know how to write a song. Also, how would I write the music? Like guitar, bass, drums, etc. Would I write the instrumental part in tabs?Comments? Critiques? Suggestions?
I am a "starving composer" and considering we need money and I could possibly get my music improved before publishing, I'll post this in classical music.. So, having said that: is there any improvements I could make to it?.. ie. chords - (I know it's difficult to say which measure, but classically trained people MIGHT know how to determine which is tonic, dominant, deceptive cadences, etc.. and they could say "near the end, beginning, middle" etc..) or ending structure, or melody, or even whether or not it's not contemporary enough or any other thoughts people might have on it would be SOO appreciated considering I have NO other help in my writing.. I *was* level 2, but asked 4 questions already last night and today, so now I'm level one again.. =P.. So when people go to listen to my music they have to highlight the link and post it in a new tab.. So sorry about that!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e11IgTPq6v8 Thanks for listening! -Rhea C. thank you! I will work on it making another section when I am not in such a severely hyper panic-attack mood.. My mood really affects my composing.. I hadn't even thought about Form.. Also, I'm new with the program, so I have yet to figure out how to put in dynamics.. You gave me some very good ideas!Why can't i play by ear?? so frustrated?
ive recently found interest in playing the piano and i would like to add this to all of my other music skills (violin, sax, clarinet, etc.) and i thought playing by ear would be the icing on the cake but i cant seem to figure it out no matter how hard i try! i recently downloaded a music creater called sibelious (the demo) and i am in love with it, but whenever i try and connect the melody with the base line, it sounds off pitch and it really frustrates me to no end. i do the base and melody seperately and here is what i do -first i listen to the song alot -secondly i catch a note and keep it in my head -third i hum it out loud and while on sibelious i search for the note until i find the pitch that best matches it .. and then i go from there. but everytime it gets messed up and im so annoyed. should i try doing this on an actual piano? or should i stick to the sibelious demo? also, as an extra info, i've tested my piano and found that it is a bit flat. it hasnt been tuned in a very long time and its an up-right piano. would this affect trying to find a pitch? ive also tried to play by ear on my actual piano and still failed in the process.. this is the song ive been trying to learn right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL0u9_gNUX0 thanks.

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