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See You Again sheet music by Miley Cyrus (Easy Piano u2013 63376)
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Piano tabs?
Do you know a website of where I can get a piano tab for the song Smother Me by The Used? Or any other song. If you can give me the tab, that's great. Pleas help.What does it mean if i see this in a piano tab?
I keep on seeing things like this 4|--f>>>>>>>>d>>>>>>>>a>> what does >>>> this bit of it mean?Need help with reading piano tabs?
I don't know how to read piano tabs and I was wondering if someone could help me? Because I found some but there's a bunch of letters on the left. If you want to see it, it's at http://tabnabber.com/view_Tab.asp?tabID=9946&sArtist=Red&sName=Pieces . Can anyone explain this to me? Please and thank you(:Piano tabs?
how do you read them?? for example: (i think these are more like chords but Im not sure) Intro: B D# E C# F# B B It's been the year filled with problems D# E But now your here almost as if to solve them C# F# I can't live in a world without you now B All my life iv'e been searching for you D# E How did I survive in this world before you C# F# Cause I dont wanna live another day without you now I've already tried tabnabber.com can someone explain to me how to read this . thanks :) no i didnt make it up I got it off a tab sitePiano Tabs???
Ok there is this song called Promise Reprise, it is from the Silent Hill soundtrack. I am wanting to learn how to play it on the piano but I have no tabs or anything to learn it. I seen some people playing it on youtube and I want to learn. Cn you please help and tell me where I can find some tabs for that song? th.

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