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Piano - Imagine - John Lennon Sheet Music, Chords, u0026 Vocals - YouTube
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Piano notes for imagine by john lennon?
i need someone to give me the letter notes in g major for piano. if anyone can write the notes out with the lyrics, that would be great. thanks in advance!Help with tabs?!?
Heyy!! i need help with piano tabs!! the song is imagine by john lennon. pleeaseee help!!! :]] links would be much appreciated. thanks!Did John Lennon really play the main piano part on "Imagine"?
"Yes, of course he did!" is the obvious answer. But did he? I always thought "Imagine" was recorded in the key of Cmajor, but after playing along with the YouTube track I've discovered that it's actually in B. Now, as anyone who has ever tinkled the ivories will know, playing in B is many times more difficult than playing in C, which makes me wonder how proficient John was on the piano. I don't question his genius, or his sincerity, or his vision, or his sense of humour; I would think he'd be amused to think that his fans (and others) would still, after 35-plus years, be "imagining" his fingers playing the notes we all love. According to Wikipedia, Nicky Hopkins is credited as playing on "Imagine" to augment John's efforts; hmm: is it possible that John composed the song in C, but, once in the studio, felt more comfortable recording it in B? Or was a transposer used? Did they have the technology in 1971 to transpose the sound of, I presume, an acoustic piano? Or did John simply ask Nicky Hopkins to drop it down to B? I'd like to hear from someone who really knows, but I guess most replies will be from the "who cares?" brigade. Well, I care, and I think that if I'm right, many other Lennon fans will smile to themselves, along with the man himself. And now I've just realised something absolutely incredible; (I'm a middle-aged man who is pretty sceptical about ghosts and spirits etc.) I was going to sign off this question with the words: I was there/Beatles concert/Sheffield City Hall/1963/November 2nd; and that's 35 years To The Day! Coincidence, of course, but still a bit spooky! Maybe it's John telling me off for asking my question! Peace to you all! Postscript: this is very strange. I work with numbers, but just made an elementary error, which you'll obviously spot: it's 45 years ago, not 35. Can I imagine a thick Liverpool accent saying cynically: "Serves you right, smart-a**e!" Postscript 2: after more research following the first five answers, I can confirm that I too have seen several Youtube videos of John playing the song live, each of which has been in C! Also, his voice does not sound at all strained in any of them. Perhaps the question I should have asked is: why is the single in B? and is John the player on that specific recording?Also: Cornish granny, thanks for the reply. The Ron Wood connection is quite crucial, and almost certainly refers to Nicky Hopkins, as they were both in the Jeff Beck Band together, but as NH was credited as playing on the album there is no conclusion to be drawn. I find myself wondering whether John DID play the backing, and it was deemed the tempo was too fast, and so the tape was "slowed" slightly, which has the effect of lowering the key. Was the hand/brain of Phil Spector involved? I am intrigued, and would love to receive a definite answer from someone who knows. Thanks.Where can i find a really good piano tab or sheet music for this song?
where can i find piano sheet music or a piano tab for "imagine" by john lennon? a really good one though. one that is exact or is almost exact. i don't care if i have to download it, as long as its free. please if you can, give me a link. also if you have one that you tabbed out yourself i'll take it too as long as it sounds good. thanks!!!Good piano songs please?
I would like the links for some good piano songs i can play please, tabs or sheets will be fine. I am not an experienced player so nothing too complex please. Songs I can already play include: Coldplay - The Scientist John Lennon - Imagine Johnny Cash - Hurt These songs aren't too hard, which is necessary because im not too good Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

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