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Piano Technique ?
I love to play piano and compose. However, I would like to know some more about interesting WAYS to play. Usually with my left hand (lower on base notes) I just play the notes in the chord in a repetative manner (over and over untill I switch chords) but this can become monotonous. Any ideas?Piano chords??
who knows piano chords here by numbers it's fingering i don't know how to play it with notes so i prefer to have it on numbers,,not numerals but numbrs..like 2345345367Good Technique for fast chords?(piano)?
I know some of your are reluctant to share, and that's okay, but for those willing, what is good technique for hitting chords at a fast tempo? The middle part of chopin etude op.10 no.3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKTfcX8NbaM 2:30-2:40 I just started playing this section but I was wondering if there is a specific technique for this. Or is there nothing to it except practice? Thank you in advance.Building Piano Technique?
Can anybody recommend any good books or methods on building virtuoso piano technique?How to play rolled piano chords?
Is there a technique on how to play rolled piano chords - I think they're also called ripple or rippling effect. Example is Kay's theme from The Godfather Part II, and Yiruma's River Flows in You.

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