piano chords songs for beginners

Star of the County Down beginner piano version, Fun and Free Irish Sheet Music
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Good piano song for beginner?
I am a beginner pianist and was looking for a relatively easy song. I can play Kesson Daslef by Aphex Twin pretty well, as well as Comptine d'un autre été L'après midi. I was thinking Von fremden Landern und Menschen by Schumann, any better ideas? Remind you I am not great, but can get a piece pretty well if I practice enough. Damn, you guys must be sick of this question by now! I kind of wanted a piano only track, because I can't sing to save my life.Any simple piano songs for a beginner?
Just had 2 lessons in piano, I know how to do the basic stuff, LIke read notes without having to write the letters down, Play chords, and simple songs like love me tender with the chords.Some beginner jazz piano songs?
I've played piano for about 8 years. Nearly everything I played was classical. I want to switch it up to jazz, but I have no idea where to begin. Can anyone introduce me or link me to some beginning jazz piano sheet music?Any songs for beginners on piano?
My friend is over and we would like to play piano. We have learnt some in music at school but we are still beginners. So we would like easy songs written with just the first letters of the chords. And we want actual songs that are popular not nursery rhymes or something. It would be good if they had the lyrics with the chords writted ontop of the word they are played on like with the guitar chords but it either is fine. Thanks so much and sorry for the long explination.Piano songs for (very) beginners?
I learned to play the piano a few weeks ago and have done some cd lessons on the basics. I know a few tunes and can play "No One"By Alecia Keys, "When the Saints Come Marching In", and a few chords. My next cd hasn't shipped yet, and I'm getting bored. Are there any songs(that I would know I'm 13)that are pretty basic for my skill level? I can read sheet music but it takes me forever to figure it out :.

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