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Learn major scales: piano, treble clef, charts, pattern/formula, chords
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When is the right time to learn piano chords and scales?
iv been taking piano lessons for about a year now, but i was self taugh a little and stuff. i was wondering when is the rigt time to learn all of the chords and scales? i learn a lot of song offf youtube by finsing the chords and looking them up on goole orwhtever and improvising on the song. but my piano teacher hasnt taught me the chords or scales yet.. i do play them in songs but he just says them as ( C E G ) fo example instead of C. i hve asked him if i should b learning them and he said 'well yes but i havent figured out how to teach all to you' (meaning the theory behind them i assume) so should i self teach the scales and chords? ask him again? get a new teacher? or wait?.. i really want to learn them PROPERLYLearn the piano with chords, arpeggios and scales?
Is it good to learn the Piano by starting off with memorising chords, then playing the arpeggios of chords then learning the scales? I self taught guitar by doing it this way so I assume Piano could be done the same? Or is structured lessons more recommended and if so, why?How can I learn piano chords and scales quickly and easily?
I need to learn improvisational piano techniques quickly. Such as common scales ionian, dorian, lydian and such. As well as how to integrate common chords into them like major, minor, Maj7, m7, and dom7 mostly. I have no interest in proper notation nor classical arrangement (it wasn't necessary for learning guitar). And I have no time to waste on stuffy instructors(also not needed for me to learn guitar improv). I am an above average play-by-ear improvisational guitarist with a sound understanding of basic music theory. I use the CAGED method for guitar and was wondering if there is a similar system for learning piano chords and scales quickly. What does melodic and harmonic format mean when talking about piano chords and scales?
What's a piano chord and scale? whats the difference?

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