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List of piano chords - free chord charts
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What piano chords are these?
im new at piano and im kinda confused on the chords.. please help http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=hry2yf&s=5#.UlX6wGR4aLtthe top is in the key of F the bottom is in the key of C please help me. best answer 10 points!Scales and Chords for a piano?
Please I really need help, just type the notes below and that'd be great, I can't read music and this class I'm taking is bumlshit since nobody can. Thank you! (If you know how to do it In cubase and can show a pic that's also great)(Piano players) Can someone identify these four chords?
Yes, this a very noob-y question to ask, but I'm trying to learn a piece (as an amateur piano player), and I have no idea what these chords are. (Link to chords below.) Could someone please identify what the chords are, and more importantly what notes make them up? Thanks. :) Chords: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=14nhhg6&s=6I cant reach this chord on the piano. Any suggestions?
The left picture is of me reaching the cord. But its really uncomfortable and it strains my pinky. When I try to play it comfortably (the right picture), I end up pushing c too. I'm trying to play dies irae by mozart. Can I just not play this piece since my hand isnt big enough?What is a good website to find piano and cuitar chords?
I am looking for a website with like a sheet with majors, minors and more chords for both piano and guitar. and show like a pic and how to play them but i want it on one sheet so i can just print it out. thanks! THANKS.

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