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What were Beethoven's innovations in orchestra and piano music?
I know he expanded the "dynamic" but can someone elaborate more to this?What does the pedal farthest to the left do (on a piano)?
I've played piano for 11 years, and a few years ago we got a new piano that has three pedals, the pedal on the left doesn't do anything (as far as I can tell); the middle pedal mutes the piano (to some degree) and the right most pedal is the sustaining pedal. So does anyone know what the left most pedal is supposed to do? And I'm playing some music by Ludovico Einaudi and he has 1 C. and 3 C. markings throughout the piece, and I read that they apply to pedal usage, and it said that 1 C. means to use the leftmost pedal, but I can't figure out what it does So does it just mean to use the soft pedal? Sorry that was so wordy, thanks!Plz read my english short story xoxo?
Plz read my english short story its for esseent and it has to be 600- 800 words. I no that the ending is rushed but plz be critical and give me some help and advice thx xoxo Shattered memories Twenty years on, and I can still hear the shattering of the glass, the screams of fright, the blood and the tears. The four of us met in preschool. Lara was a brunette but sometimes she acted like a blonde. Whitney was the most athletic in our group, she loved to dance and when she went out on the floor she was so elegant and calm. Brittany had always been the shy one and usually you would find her reading a book in the library or adding her finishing touches to her assignment. Then there was me, Kristin, I guess you could say I kept everyone together. Walking to the plane I could feel the cool breeze blowing against my back, and as I turned around I could see the sun finally going down as another day had passed. After a couple of hours on the plane, I remembered looking at the beautiful scenery that we were flying above, and it seemed so unreal, but just so beautiful. Then suddenly the plane started to shake, and that’s the last thing I remembered. I woke up to white swirls of fully mist. Struggling to my feet, I frantically rushed to find the girls .When I finally found them, we sat down and looked around at what we had woken up to. It was dark, cold and scary as we walked around the huge chunks of plane debris. We all decided that it would be best to find shelter for the night. We could see a very dark looking house in the clearing and we all rushed towards it. The house was surrounded by white swirls of mist. We went inside and as I looked all around the house it was covered with cobwebs, dust and dirt. I thought, should we be staying here? What could happen in under twenty-four hours? My conscious told me, to run and get the hell away from this spooky house. Whitney started to walk over to the stairs. I remember Lara asking her why, but she just ignored us. We looked around for a bit, and then we heard a loud crash from upstairs. We yelled out to Whitney to investigate, but we heard no reply. I remember the three of us hearing noises coming from outside and we’d jump every time. It had been less than ten minutes and we hadn’t seen Whitney anywhere, so I decided to go and look for her. I can remember the noises that came from each stair as I climbed the staircase. I suddenly heard the downstairs window shatter and screaming and crying. I ran back down to see what had happened. As I looked around the room I could see glass on the ground and in the corner next to the piano, lay Lara. I rushed to her aid trying to make the bleeding stop, but it was too late. I heard a noise coming from the kitchen. I ran to the kitchen, and written across the walls it said, “The game’s begun”, and I was puzzled for a second, then I finally realised what it meant. I heard Whitney’s screams and I ran towards to her aid. Then I heard loud heavy footsteps coming downstairs, I ran outside and quietly closed the old wooden door. I looked back to the dark kitchen and saw a person who was wearing all black and had red thick blood dripping down from his hands. In one hand they had a shovel and in the other they had Brittany by her hair. I had to stop myself from screaming with fright. The shovel hit Brittany more than a thousand times, and the bones started cracking and blood pouring out all over the kitchen floor. As I looked up into the bathroom window I could see Whitney tied up screaming for help, I looked back to the kitchen, but he was gone. I went back inside the house to the kitchen, it was dark and I struggled to find a knife. I could still hear Whitney screaming. I could hear the stranger upstairs, one step ahead of me. When I finally got upstairs I couldn’t see him anymore. Rushing to the bathroom, I slowly saw his back as he opened up the door to Whitney. Her screams became louder than ever. I slowly moved my hand back, ready to go in for the kill. I stabbed the knife in the back of the killer and he slowly fell down to the floor. I rushed to Whitney’s aid, and I walked her downstairs. We walked away from the terror and fright we had faced. As we were walking I heard the shatter of a window. Whitney slowly released her hand and she fell to the ground. I looked back and there he was. I ran for my life. I didn’t know where I was going until I found myself on a road, I quickly moved from the truck coming towards me and I looked back and all I could see was the killer lying face down on the bitumen. soz if it was too long :) xoxo15 Rules of playing bars/Restaurants (for music artists not listeners)?
Willys cynical thought for the day; The only difference between a rut and a grave is how freaking deep it is! Found in the Fender Forum. Probably been posted before, but I don't remember seeing it. My comments are in parenthesis -- The Top 15 Facts of Life for Playing in Clubs and Restaurants 15. Unless you are in a concert situation, most of the people are not there to hear you. Your music is incidental. People go to restaurants and bars to eat, to drink, to socialize, do business, or maybe to be alone in a crowd. So if you reach some of them and entertain them, you've done a hell of a job. (If you help, ALMOST, anybody get laid you've made a lifelong friend, if they get a disease, her father busts them, or she gets pregnant you're on your ******* own). 14. Any volume is too loud for someone. (The someone maybe a local Romeo, the owners wife/girlfriend/mother but this is true EVEN if you're playing acoustic!) 13. The talent of anyone who wants to sit in is inversely proportional to how insistent he or his friends are about his sitting in. The most talented musician that you would really like to play with will be sitting there quietly and will have left his axe in the car. (Don't bother getting these assholes up, there are rare exceptions but, they'll be out of tune, have no sense of rhythm, E- string will be broken he HAS to play your guitar, or will try to show you 'how SRV set up his amp.' Unless you know them AND they can play say, something like, "There's an open-mic, why don't you go to that?") 12. Most people sitting at a piano-bar don't think about the physics of a microphone boom. They will playfully poke the weighted end of the boom slamming the mic into your lips and teeth while you're singing. (I've seen this being done.) 11. The crowd would rather hear a terrible rendition of "Sweet Caroline" than the tastiest arrangement of one of your originals that they've never heard before. (Or "Sweet Home Alabama, Stairway and others.) 10. The customer who asked for "Sweet Caroline", his favorite song, won't realize you're playing it until you actually reach the word "Sweet." 9. Someone in the crowd will have halfway heard you play "Sweet Caroline" and it will remind him of the song so he'll request it right after you've just played it. (You're doing something right if there are a few asking, tell them you'll do it as your 'closing number.') 8. Nobody at the restaurant will care, or even, hear the hip chords you're playing for the song they requested - They want to hear the song played exactly like they heard it on the radio. (Again, there are exceptions, but unless your CDs been heard AND is on sale, stick to WETF is 'popular.') 7. In most restaurants, your main objective is to try to entertain without bothering anybody. (Anybody from the people living upstairs to Mrs. Figpot, your Elementary school teacher, having a night on the town.) 6. Unless you want to marry her and be the one who takes her home every night, don't hitch your star to a girl singer. (She'll just 'hitch her wagon' to the 'next band on the rise - or run!) 5. Most of the "professional" singers asking to sit in with you will not know their keys. (More than half won't know the lyrics, if you really want to throw em start your solo somewhere other than where it is on record!) 4. Always have an extra mic available and hooked up. Girl singers (sometimes guys) will always leave lipstick on the end of the mike. 3. It almost makes you giddy when a singer sit's in, knows their tunes, keys, tempos and knocks everybody out. (These are the 'exceptions' in rule 13.) If you play in restaurants or lounges, make sure you're comfortable with keys. Most professional girl singers sing about a fourth away from the original and won't accept a half-step difference. 2. Make sure horn players don't warm up on the stage. There's nothing like having a romantic meal at a fine restaurant and suddenly hearing a loud alto sax playing 'bird licks and scales.' (It drives EVERYBODY crazy not just the 'romantics.') ..And the number one fact of life in playing in clubs and restaurants: 1. Your slowest night, with the most obnoxious crowd and the worst response, is immeasurably better than the best day you ever had at a day job!!! (A ******* Men!) 8 Rules of Guitarists: 1. You are the guitar player (the musician), the rest are just there to hang with a musician. That is your attitude and you're sticking with it. (Same goes for singers, Harp players, and GOOD keyboard players.) 2. When you arrive, make the drummer unpack your gear. They're use to hauling a lot of crap and shouldn't mind. If they won't, find one that will. (Online there are thousands.) 3. Make the Bass player set up your gear. Don't let them tell you they don't know how. They are all lazy and liers. That is why they play a simpleton's instrument. No drive to learn guitar. (Or they just too STOOPID!) 4. Make sure the rest of the band has nice looking girl friends/wives in case you have a problem picking a chick after a gig. You're the STAR (guitar player) and they shouldn't have a problem sharing. If they do, get rid of 'em. (See #2) 5. You should never EVER pay for drinks. Again, you're the star and they're ..well, just human metronomes for your benefit. In fact, you should never have to order a drink. This should be accomplished by the Bass player. Most of them are lushes and will be familiar with whatever drink you desire. Watch them close though. They're not above taking a drink of yours if you're not looking. (If you've just been arguing, some of em have no purpose on earth other than pissing you off, watch the SOB he may try to spit in it!) 6. No one else should have any input as to which songs are to be played. Refer to #1. (It is YOUR GIG afterall.) 7. You should always get the best seat when traveling to the gig. Refer to #1. Again, don't let the bass player lay a sob story on you about his back or hemorrhoids. Refer to #3 8. Be sure you collect the funds. Keep 50% for yourself and split the rest among the others. Refer to tip #1. http://www.total-knowledge.com/~willyblues/ From Willys Jokes archives! The best online jokes that you wouldn't want yo mamma to know you're reading!Lenovo IBM customer service ?
I am a IBM (now Lenovo) Thinkpad T series enthusiast. Have had 5 in a row. A few weeks back i got a new T61 Laptop and it came with Vista Business on it. OMG, i thought the days of incompatability issues, lock ups etc disappeared when Windows ME hit the dust! This is an abortion of an O/S more like a Beta version than a finished product. However, Lenovo do a 'Downgrade from Vista to XP' conversion disc set (at a price) which i am going to buy as an UPGRADE. Well, have you ever tried accessing Lenovo Customer Service? I would be interested in your experiences. First i get on to Scotland and a pre-recorded menu choice in a strong Scottish accent speaking at top speed. None of the menu choices seem appropriate to what i want to do so i choose the most likely. Then you sit listening to some very loud and discordant Piano chords then, if you are lucky (?) get transfered to Calcutta or Bombay or somesuch, where you wait until a rep is free and then get a very polite Asian person, who is obviously well educated and speaks copy book English - but in a strong accent, with a speed and sibilence that has you asking him/her to repeat every 2nd word. Works 2 ways though, he/she is also asking you to repeat evry 2nd word. Finally, you get some sort of mutual understanding and, surprise surprise, your request is not actually something that this customer service rep deals with. He/she gives you a call reference number [which after 4 tries you get correct] and tells you someone else will call you. Now the someone else has not yet called, but no doubt when they do i will have to go through the whole rigmarole of giving my details all over again. As my machine is now over 30 days old I will probably be getting a bill for this - so far - abortive service. It is also highly likely that i will not be in when/if someone does call and as i wear a powerful hearing aid i cannot use a mobile phone. This looks like being a long drawn out Saga! Now to my simplistic way of thinking, my request is very simple. The conversion disk set is a standard item - so why cannot i just fill in my details on line, inputting the machine details, pay by card and have the software winging its way to me? This is my 5th Thinkpad and, luckily, i have never before needed to call customer service and my product warranties have quietly expired unused. I really do hope that the same will apply to this new one as i have very little patience with trying to get any sense from overseas call centres. The operators speak English fine but it is a foreign language to them and they do not THINK in English which is where half the problems come in. Before any of you guys scream, Racist, i am not and never have been. Think what it would be like for an Indian guy living in Calcutta talking to someone in a call centre in Dublin or Glasgow who has a strong Irish or Scottish accent, speaks Urdu but does not think in it and you will see what i mean!. PS Four hours after this post, still bouncing back and forward between Glasgow and India trying to order what is a standard Downgrade Pack described in detail by Lenovo on their website. If this is the trouble you have buying something readily available in theory, God help me if i actually ever need customer service for a technical issue. PPS Piss off Noza. It has just taken me 10 minutes and 3 different people to work out a telephone number left for me by their call centre on my answer phone.

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