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When I was your man - Bruno Mars - Piano Couture
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How to fit piano chords to a vocal melody?
I wrote lyrics for a song and i have a melody in my head for them and now i want to write a piano part for them. How do i go about finding out what chords to use for the song?How do you add melody to piano chords?
So I am working on the song "Oceans" by Hillsong on the piano. I have all of the chords down perfectly. But I am only on level 2 of piano and not super advanced. How can I add the melody in between the chords? Do you just have to play around with it and do it by ear?Tips on playing piano chords at the same time as the melody?
I had keyboard / piano lessons at school about a year ago and found it impossible to play the chords at the same time as the melody, although I could / can play them separately. So I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice? and if you have any good youtube links as I couldn't find a tutorial about it?Anyone know website for piano chords and melody?
Beginning Piano: Can I put chords and melody together in treble clef?
I have a basic composition assignment. What I came up with puts the left hand above the middle C. The melody is just above the middle C. It looks weird on the notation having both chords and melody just lines apart. Is this OK? Sorry, I mean the melody is just above the chords which is just above the middle C. Why didn't I think of that? Ok, so instead of writing a bass and treble, make two trebles. Thanks.

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