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What are the piano chords for F major ?
I'm taking a beginning piano class, and I need to know what the I, IV, V, and V7 chords are in F major key. Specifically, what are the notes for each? How do I find out what the chords are?C+ and C major are same in piano chords??
How do you work out the minor/major of a piano chord???!!?
Say for example you have a C Major chord (C, E, G) How would I work out what the notes for C Minor would be?? Just a simple explanation please I'm still new at piano.Piano Chords for F major?
What are all the chords for F major? Best answer will be given! I'm composing music on a software and I don't own a piano or any chord playing instrument. I know you can work it out but I haven't been taught how, if you're going to be rude please don't reply.How do you find the major chords for the piano?
This might sound stupid but im a beginner at the piano and i want to know how to play major chords for example : A major B major G major whats the rule to playing these chords.

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