piano chords lessons for beginners

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Piano lessons for beginner?
I've been playing the bass guitar for over 4 years. I wish to buy a decent keyboards and learn the essential piano things which will allow me to compose. Like chords, basic technique etc. Is there a good youtube channel or a website for piano lessons?Guitar? Chords? Piano? Lessons?
I have been playing piano over five or so years now and I am doing really well, I want to keep playing piano but I also want to start playing some guitar. Would it be easy to teach myself the chords for guitar if I am really good at sight-reading notes on piano? I just want to learn chords for now. We don't have enough money for piano and guitar lessons, how hard would it be to teach myself? Also, what is a good guitar to buy for a beginner? (Under $175 would be nice) It doesn't have to be great, but good. Thanks!Are there any trusted, free, and online piano lessons for beginners?
My parents bought me a piano about 5 months ago. They've tried enrolling me in piano schools, but the school did not teach me the basics, they only introduced the chords then we started playing pieces. The thing is, I want to learn how to read music sheets too. I believe it's more convenient, and will help me a lot too. As of now, my piano is wrapped with this cloth and I feel bad for not using it. Sometimes I'd go on youtube channels however when I try playing the said chords in the piano, it just does not come out right. Please help me, it's actually a keyboard not a grand piano.How do you read piano sheets without lessons?
Okay I have been playing piano for about 10 or so years but I have never learned chords, progressions, sheet music, anything. I can play by ear or when I watch other people play. I've played for school functions, contests, etc. I just can't read music!! Now, in my 3rd year of college, I have zero time for anything especially piano lessons but is there an easy way to pick up sheet music? I know what symbols mean for the most part and I'm just looking for the basic (where do my fingers go) thing.. I pretty much can wing it from there.Best Piano Lesson Books?
What is the best series of (adult) piano lesson books to take you from the very beginning stages to very advanced stages.

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