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Which piano key match G?
I'm trying to compose right now and I can't find a note in the same range that is at pitch with G. I'm saying like You play hit two notes at the same time and their pitch match they don't sound horrible together.Piano G Sharp substitute key?
I am absolute **** at playing the piano but I really want to attempt at playing a song. I found out that one single key in my keyboard is not working and am wondering whether there are any substitute chords or keys I could play instead of the key G Sharp. Thanks!Changing guitar chords into Piano Keys?
if u changed guitar chords to piano keys wld they sounds quite similar? and what wld the piano keys be for A7, D and A.? THANKS LOADS!! :DWhat is a G# MINOR piano chord?
I am taking music classes an on my key chart they have a G#M. I can not find this chord, I need the root and the 1st & 2nd inversion. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.I need help with G minor piano chords?
One of the well known chords in G minor with the piano is GM, E flat, B flat, F. I want the chord to go down again after the B flat instead of up, what chord do I use? I don't actually play the piano but I know what the chord would sound like, so as you can imagine it would be very hard for me to work out. This is for a composition I am making Thanks, please note all possible chords that would go down after that! I'm playing in G minor which isn't jazzy lol, but thanks :.

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