piano chords in the key of c

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Help with piano chords and keys?
What's the difference in a C chord when the key is C or A Major? Is there a difference? Is there some kind of trick to figuring it out? What does the key affect? I'm just really confused about all this.. Thanks for your help!Changing guitar chords into Piano Keys?
if u changed guitar chords to piano keys wld they sounds quite similar? and what wld the piano keys be for A7, D and A.? THANKS LOADS!! :DRelation between piano chords and the key they are played in?
Do the notes in a piano chord change with the key they are played in? For example, would an A major chord in the key of D be different than an A major chord in the key of E? I'm trying to figure out a piano fake book & the chords elude me somewhat.Dominant Chords - Piano?
Could someone help me here? What is a Dominant Major chord in the key of C? And also, what is a Dominant Minor chord in the same key of C? The instrument, by the way, is a Piano. Thanks! Is there a formula that translates guitar chords to piano keys?
Im trying to find a way that can change guitar chords to piano keys or vice vers.

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