piano chords in the key of c

Piano Minor Chords
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Help with piano chords and keys?
What's the difference in a C chord when the key is C or A Major? Is there a difference? Is there some kind of trick to figuring it out? What does the key affect? I'm just really confused about all this.. Thanks for your help!Dominant Chords - Piano?
Could someone help me here? What is a Dominant Major chord in the key of C? And also, what is a Dominant Minor chord in the same key of C? The instrument, by the way, is a Piano. Thanks! Relation between piano chords and the key they are played in?
Do the notes in a piano chord change with the key they are played in? For example, would an A major chord in the key of D be different than an A major chord in the key of E? I'm trying to figure out a piano fake book & the chords elude me somewhat.Is there a formula that translates guitar chords to piano keys?
Im trying to find a way that can change guitar chords to piano keys or vice versaPiano keys - Labeling the chords?
Ok, I'm sure this is an absolutely ridiculous question. I'm trying to teach myself to play the piano. I tried to learn when I was like 7, and on my old keyboard I labeled some of the keys with the chords. Or atleast I think it was the chords. The letters, CDEFGAB, etc. But those are the only ones that are labeled, and I don't know if they're minor or major or what. I've got the chords for a song I want to learn, but I don't know how to label the keys so I know what to play. So what I want is like a list or a picture of which are which. Sorry this is so confusing. As you can tell, I don't know much about playing the piano.

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