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How to play piano chords with both hands?
I bought a book that has 360 piano chords but most of them only show with your right hand. So how do you play both your right and left hand at the same time for a chord. I am trying to learn when i look at you by miley cyrus but with one hand it doesn't sound right.How do you write the piano chords for left hand ?
Hello, I m a beginner I just figure out the notes for right hands, by listening to a song. Now how can I add chords for the left hand, and make it sound properly ? I guess the left hand chords must have the same key signature as the right hand , but how do I know if the chord is A or B or C ? the time signature of the song is 4/4. Thank for your time :)Proper hand formation for piano chords?
I started learning to play the piano about a month ago (mainly just chords). I usually just convert songs on the guitar to piano, Ex: "All Along the Watchtower" Guitar- Am G F G then I just play three finger chords where it sounds best on piano. But my main question is can three finger chords harm you or hurt you. I play my chords with my index middle, and ring fingers. Its a little bit of a stretch, but I play well that way. So what im wondering is if this "stretch" can harm me over time? If so what is the proper way? Thanks!!Piano chord help for left hand?
These chords for the left hand are supposed to accompany the right hand as it plays the melody for 'Jolly Old St. Nicholas'. I understand them all, except for the last chord. My piano teacher expects me to know this tomorrow, and I can't figure it out - it isn't just a regular C chord, and it has four notes that I can't remember. Can you help? The chords are below: C G6 A E6 F C6 D G6 and then repeats, but ends differently: C G6 A E6 F C6 D G6 C(? This last C is the one I don't understand). Thanks so much!!! :)When playing piano, which hand plays the chords?
When playing a song on piano, which hand plays chords, and what does the other hand do during the song. And if the music just has the lyrics and the chords written above the words, what rhythm should I play with???.

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