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Guitar and piano chords?
Hey! I would love to learn myself how to play piano and guitar! But I can't find a place where I can see "normal" chords. Please help!Difference between scale and chord progression (piano)?
For example, the key of C is just CDEFGAB (all major), across the white keys, one note at a time. However, the progression using triad chords shows to play the minor notes of D, E, and A (as you may know, are all played only using white keys). It seems that, even though they're still on the white keys, it'd become a completely different scale altogether since they aren't played in major like the single-note progression It also seems playing D E A in major triad chords would make more sense audibly, also because D E A are major when played one note at a time within the C scale. How does this work? I've tried reading what I can on music theory but this still confuses me. BONUS: When I've looked for videos and graphs, but it either only shows the triad chord of the root note, or just the progression of one single key at a time. Obviously the one-key-at-a-time method confuses me, since I'd be left thinking D E and A are played in major if I tried turning the notes into chords moving up the Cmaj scale. Thank you so much. Sorry for being so longwinded.Is there a site that will show me what notes are involved in each chord?
I need to know if there's a site with this info. What I mean is, say the chord of D ((I don't know the notes involved, thus being the reason why I need this)) has the notes of A D and C in it, I need a site that will tell me that; and not just a graph of what chords to play, because guitar chords carry over to everything else.How do you play guitar chords?
Im a novice guitar player and haven't found a good website for this yet; i know the basic guitar chords, but i'd like to know how to play these chords in lower positions on the neck. thanks everybody who answers:)Could there be a mathematical formula to determine the quality of a song - or of a symphony?
Could there be some sort of mathematical formula to judge the quality of a song? How might we construct such a formula? How might we go about it? Ben, I humbly offer up a dissent in regards to "Any way you want it" in that its tempo is an alarming 132 beats per minute, enough to raise blood pressure and create anxiety and what is called "distress", which in medical or psychological terms is a different kind of stress than the more positive "eustress". And, in "Any way you want it", we don't really have a resolving of chords (whether they be minor or major). I think the lack of chords resolving would indicate an additional source of adverse tension in the listener.

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