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Guitar u00bb Guitar Chords Gmaj7 - Music Sheets, Tablature, Chords and Lyrics
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Questions & Answers :

How do you play a Gmaj7(#5) chord on the piano?
What notes, in order from lowest to highest (which you probably knew), does a Gmaj7(#5) chord consist of? It is supposedly a very complex and dissonant chord, as I have not been able to find a piano chord chart for it. Please do not choose the best answer for me; allow me to decide for myself which answer I find most helpful. Explain it the way I would explain how to play an Fmaj9 chord: F, A, C, E, G. Thank you very little. I would also like to know how to play the following chords: Eb7(#5) E7(#5) A7sus Ab7(b5) Bm7(b5) Am (maj7) F#7sus If you can tell me how to play any of those chords, please do because I would be forever in your debt. PLEASE do not say anything like, "It's simple. All you have to do is play the third from " If you can, simply tell me plainly and clearly the notes for any chords that you know. Thank you very little. The problem was, I was confused about the parentheses. I wondered if it denoted anything different about the chords. Thank you anyway.Piano chord structure?
im working on Alicia Keys' unthinkable .the Chords are Am7 CMaj7 FMaj7 in the key of Bminor ..what is the roman numeral and symbol for the chords?G lydian scale instead of G major scale over a Gmaj7 chord?
That sharpened 4th (C#) makes A LOT of difference. Can someone explain to me why that is. Whenever I play g major scale over the gmaj7 chord I always avoid that c, unless I sharpen it. Odd since the 4th step usually sounds nice over the I chord. But when you add the F# (7th) in the chord then it sounds TERRIBLE. F# and C don't go along well in this context it seems even though it's IN key. F# has c as it's b5 interval, you'd think they'd would be pleasing to the ear and not dissonant.Piano Chords help please?
Does somebody know these chords or know where I can find them online? Thank you very much! Am9/G Am9b5/G D7/G Am/C E7/B D7/F# G/B B/D# G7/D Gmaj7/B G5 Eb/GD/F#, D/A#, Gmaj7/B chord help?
HI! I know this is kind of a stupid question :). Could you tell me the exact keys for these chords? And, if you knew of a good website for foolish piano players (like myself) that shows you the keys for all the chords! That would be fantastic! Thank you :.

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