piano chords for kids

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Questions & Answers :

What are the piano chords for frank ocean's "Super Rich Kids"?
i'm trying to figure out the piano chords for a performance coming up but most cites i get give me poop for results, if anybody knows them or knows a good cite i would be super grateful :DDBest way to learn the piano chords?
i took piano for like three years when i was kid, but i never learned chords. i just got a new piano. whats the best way to pick the piano back up?What is a "C chord" on piano?
I quit piano and never really understood the actual "stuff" Soooooo what is a "c chord" or what is a "chord" ? I don't play any other instruments so yeah. Just for the pianoTips on teaching kids to play piano?
Hey there! I'm sixteen years old and am about to start teaching a family friend's 7 year old daughter to play the piano. I myself have been playing for nearly all my life. The only problem is that I've never taught anyone from the very beginning before, and am kind of freaking out a little bit! I have no clue how to teach a kid piano/sight reading from scratch. Any helpful tips out there?I need basic help with piano chords?
i dont need anything fancy OR nothing complicated im a beginner and idont want anything to hard so please give me a good simple website it would be better if it were aimed for kids seeig though i am a kid also i dont wanna pay becuase most of that stuff is scams and please dont come on here and so go hire a tutor or something like that obviseouly if i could i would but i cant so dont say i.

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