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J - Flashlight sheet music for piano solo (chords, lyrics, melody)
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Why can't I be creative?
I love to play music, I like to draw, make and edit videos, and lots of other things. But I just can't get creative with them! When I play music, I can only really play it well if I'm playing a song that already exists. I can't just go up to a piano or guitar and play anything original other than a couple of basic chords I know over and over. Anything that I play which sounds cool has already been done. If I'm buying a musical instrument, I'm asked to try it before I buy it. All I can do is just press random keys/play random notes or play a C Chord, D Chord, E Minor Chord, and repeat. It makes me feel like I'm not a musician at all, just a copier. If I'm drawing something, I have to see a step by step tutorial in order to make it look nice. It really brings my motivation down, and it's annoying. Whenever I'm editing a video, I lose motivation before I even start (that goes for everything), but when I force myself to try anyway, it's completely unoriginal and I guarantee someone somewhere has done it already, usually by big, well-known people/companies. It makes me miserable. Overall, these things just make me sad. I've never really been a creative person. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I can put the puzzle pieces together, but I can't create a puzzle myself. I really love doing the above 3 things and they are really enjoyable to me, but I just can't do them creatively At least right now I can't. I am not giving up yet. I have been playing music for almost 10 years (attempting to create it for at least 1 or 2), been creating and editing videos for about 3 years, and I've been trying to draw for about 1 year. I'm getting interested in trying out Video Game Design, but I'm worried that will end up the same way as the other 3 hobbies that I have. I would love to turn one of these into a career someday. I'm 16 by the way, so I have 2 years before college, therefore 2 years to decide what I want to do. Thanks in advance, and I love every single one of you. :)**WHAT ARE THE IMPORTANCE OF ?**?
what are the importance of the electric bass guitar in the genre ROCK, METAL, and hard rock? my friend keeps on arguing that the bass guitar has no importance to a band. that kind of pissed me off cause i don't know what to say.Are my lyrics any good?
I suppose I can give a little background. =) So I've been feeling pretty upset lately there's this boy that I've liked for a year now, and I always thought he was completely out of reach. The thing is, though, is that we're best friends. Well, he just started dating a girl about a month back. Anyways, he actually took me out for coffee about a week ago. It was there that I told him that I was going to a new school next year. Well, much to my surprise, he basically confessed his feelings for me. However, we'll say "something" happened (between him and my sister) and now my parents don't like him much, so he always thought we could never date. Truth be told, we probably couldn't. So, he's got a girlfriend, and there's some tension between him and my family, but we both know we like each other And I mean I more than like this kid I would do just about anything for him, and I've never felt this way before about anyone. He's been so supportive of me, and I can count on him for anything (not to mention he's a complete sweetheart.) I can't really explain the whole situation, but I think you get the general gist, lol. Sorry if my song sounds really corny/tacky, but just give me some feedback, I'd love to hear from you! It's just the beginning, but it goes like this. You’ve been my flashlight in the dark, You’ve picked up the pieces to my broken heart, And honestly, I don’t know what I’d do Without you, boy. As I’m crying, hiding our interlocked hands, And I know I’m just a back-up plan, I could settle for less, but I don’t know If I can. (some sort of chorus that I haven't figured out yet.) For the past year you’ve driven me insane, Had me thinking that my heart was your game, But somehow you’d given me hope Through all this pain. And finally, your love was confirmed, Yet now, you’re holding hands with her, Does she mean as much to you, As you mean to me? P.S: Also, I don't plan on playing this for him (I play piano/guitar/sing and stuff,) I just wanted to know if this was alright I've never really written my own stuff before. ^.^ For the tune (for those who are into music and stuff) I'm thinking well I'll just give an example: ------------------------(F add 9) You’ve been my flashlight in the dark, -------------------------------(C maj) You’ve picked up the pieces to my broken heart, -------(G maj) And honestly, I don’t know what I’d do -------(F maj) Without you, boy. And then repeat for each verse and so-on, so-forth. Just play the chords where I put them with the words and it might make a little more sense. Idk x.

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