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Questions & Answers :

How do I read piano chords in this format: Em7, Dm7, F#m7?
Please explain how a se of notes, such as c,d,e# would be written in this format. I do not understand music theory at all so please, keep it simple. ThanksWhat is an A4 and Em7 Chord On the Piano?
How can I play chords like Em7 or Dm7 on the piano?
I'm playing piano and well I just have no idea how to play chords like Gm7 or just G7 or Em7 or Dm7 and etc. To make it much easier please explain to me how to play them and not just what notes to press. I want to be able to know how to play any kind of chord that has "7" or minor in front of the note. Thank you so much! Please help me out!How to play chords on piano?
Can you help me? For my youth group praise band, I need to know how to play chords like so: C Em7 Dsus G (LALLALALALALALALALALALALA) <<If I had the chords Em, G, D, Em7 and Cadd9 with capo on the 4th fret, how would I convert them onto a piano and what would the piano chords be.

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