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Ebmaj, EbMaj, Eb major, EbM, Eb chord : Chase Norris
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What does the piano chord Eb mean?
It's an E with a small B behind it. I'm supposed to mark out the keys on a clavier but I don't know what it looks like. I've tried to google but I can't seem to find itWhat are these Piano chords? Help!?
What are the names of these in piano chords/ or did I just make them up? What is a chord similar Eb Ab C C Eb AbHow do you play piano chords??!!?
I'm a beginner and teaching myself how to play Keyboard/Piano. I've borrowed so many books on the subject but can't figure out piano chords! My understanding is you play 3 notes at once - but its still confusing when looking at people play them on YouTube. Some music have just symbols like E, Dm, etc and lyrics?? Also, I'm trying to play this keyboard version of Hillsong's "This Is Our God" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1jZ1Ux9XOU). The chords listing is: Intro-verse: E - G#m - C#m - A Chorus:B - E/G# - A - F#mB/D# - E/G# - A Instrumental - bridge:E - B - F#m - C#m - A - E (also in video description) But I can't seem to get around what the left and right hand plays. Plus the video is too fast and unclear to work out the notes :( Please could someone help me work out what notes to play/how to play them? Basically, the user gave a list of chord names and I don't know what the left and right hand plays - also on some he doesn't hold 3 down, but alternates between a few! ThanksPiano chords help?!?
Ok i need the letter notes to these chords. Im new to piano and im not to framilier with them. Cm,Eb,Bb,Fm,Ab,Abm,C,B,A,B,F. This would help me soooo much! 10 pts ro best answerWhat are these chords for piano help anyone?
Chords: Fm Eb DbM7 C (repeat, repeat~) Bridge: F EbM7 DbM7 Cm Fm DbM7 C i dont understand the letters, i understands flats are they the same as minors? and i understand sharps. but like at the bottom it says DbM7 i know it means D flat but whats M7.

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