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Major Piano Treble Triads
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Ab/Bb piano chord!!!?
I have no idea what to play when I see this chord. Do I just pick one to play? If you could tell me what notes this chords consists of I would be very appreciative :)What chord has F, Bb, & D?
What piano chord has F, Bb, & D? THanksHow to play jazz piano chords?
I want to learn how to play jazz piano chords?Piano chords help?!?
Ok i need the letter notes to these chords. Im new to piano and im not to framilier with them. Cm,Eb,Bb,Fm,Ab,Abm,C,B,A,B,F. This would help me soooo much! 10 pts ro best answerWhat does the sign Bb/A in piano chord music mean?
I'm playing a song on the piano with chord signs. The song is In B flat and I came across this and I don't know what chord to play.

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