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Piano For Beginners - Avoid THIS Mistake And Learn EASILY!
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Piano basics?
I'm teaching the piano for my friends. What are the absolute basics they need to know? I have finger positioning and notes down (C-major) am I missing anything?Best book for learning Piano(casio) Basics ??? ?
friends please suggest me some good books to learn piano basics !How and when would I use piano chords?
For the past month I've been memorizing a bunch of piano chords, and it donned on me when would I ever use these? I've seen sheet music with the symbols above the notes but I don't get it how do I use them? The more information, the better, and thank you (:Piano Basics Help (music language, chords, signs, etc.)?
Hi, I've been playing piano for the last couple months (without all the lessons and formal crap but just making songs by ear and I'd say I'm pretty fluent in both hands and basic harmonic notes). Well one song I had a hard time getting my right hand notes in harmony with my left hand notes so I googled the song sheet but theres all that junk about minor this and major that and chords. So the reason I'm writing right here is to ask: - In simple terms, what is a chord? is it like a harmony note (F1,C,F2) (D1,G,D2) -- I dont know how to describe them. its like the most common left hand notes I play; ex.) F1>C>F2>C>G>C>H>C? - Im tring to learn piano sheet language but its so confusing with all the sharps and 'b's and changing sign thingys (the C with the : and wierd looking F) for the bottom row. any useful tips or link? - What are majors and minors? like canon in blank major blah blah blah Thanks in advanceConvert piano chords to guitar chords?
I received piano chords for the Phineas and Ferb theme song and I wanna convert them into guitar chords can you help me? the chords i wanna convert go like this: C# G#/C A#m C# G#/C A#m D# G# A#m D# G# G# G F# F F A# G D# G# C# C# G#/C A#m G# G F# F A# D# G# C.

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