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How to do advance piano chords?
I already know how to make major and minor chords and inversions. But the others chords I still don't know how to do them. How do you do an AM9 or B7sus or A9. I'm trying to find a tutorial on the net but all I can find is tutorial on the major and minor chords. I would like to know how to come up with those chords so I don't need to memorize them. The 135 keys is a good example but I don't know how to apply them in chords like AM9. I just know how to apply them in major and minor chords and inversions.Piano chords?
does anyone by any chance have a big picture or PDF file or something that has all the piano chords or alot of the nice basic and advanced chords do yall? ive looked all over the internet and i cant find anything. ten points goes to the first person who can get me these please. if you need to, email me files to [email protected] thanx and god blessAdvanced piano chords?
I'm a really experienced classical piano player, but I want to expand my experience and move a little away from the notes. Do anyone know about some websites where I can learn chords up to the most advanced level? I have found a few, but most of them are for beginners. I still don't know how to play a G7b13 if you know what I mean.. Thanks!How can I learn to play intermediate to advanced chord piano?
I ordered a "crash" course via the internet a few months ago and learned the basics of chord piano. It was very, very helpful and I am now able to hold my own, but want to learn more. Does anyone know of a good course I could order? The one I took earliner was on CD as well as on paper. I really liked this method of learning because the teacher was "right there" with me helping me along.Can somebody help me change the song ''What I Like about You'''into basic piano chords?
I really need help changing the guitar chords into piano chords. Can a skilled musical genius help me? Thanks in advanced. The song is "What I like about you" by the Romantics.

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