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Using Off-Beat Syncopation to Create Trance and House Grooves : Jeremy Latham
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Do i need to know piano for edm?
I've been learning to make tracks on my macbook with massive and ableton , is not knowing how to play piano a big issue? im 15 btw.Open Question: I wanna play chords of a song with the following keys (piano): C3 G2 A2 B2. What are the associated chords?
Ableton Live tells me the notes i've drawn are C3, G2 A2 and B2. I tried the normal C chord, and it sounds great. But the G2 and certainly the A2 chord sounds awful! Tutorials on the web for an A chord on the piano, corresponding to the A key, aren't very clear.Fruity loops stuidio keyboard piano?
i have the free trial of fruity loops. i was wondering how on a piano roll you can record by using the keyboard. when i play it just plays it but the notes do not shw up on the piano rool. it may be becase i just have free trial. im not sure. but i was also thinking about getting the 50$ version. if it is because i have a free trial will the 50 dollar version allow me to use keyboard? what else does the 50 have to offer? more sounds? plese give advice thanks!Dark chord progression (music theory)?
My brother wants to start rapping, I am using Ableton Live Suit (not important) but anyways he wants me to write him a song that he can rap to and he wants it to be really dark. Can someone help me with the music theory of how I can write a dark progression @Cold Blooded Do u happen to know the notes used in the song? if u do u've got my vote for best answer.What kind of software can help me with sheet music by showing me a virtual keyboard?
I used to play the piano and the violin but am a bit rusty on some of the harder chords and notes. I want to get back into it but I am curious if there is a program that can take my digital sheet music or scanned sheet music and play it for me while showing me which notes are which on a digital keyboard.

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