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Guitarist looking to learn the Mandolin. What are the main differences?
Hello, I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half, and I love it! The only problem I have is I can't lug around my big electric guitar everywhere to play when I have some free time on the road or at my Grandma's house or whatever. I recently took interest in Mandolins and admire their small stature and bright sound. I figure bringing a Mandolin along with me places wouldn't be as much of a hassle and it wouldn't weigh me down to much if I wore it with a strap. My concern is, my main musical interest lies in Beatles tunes, and Mandolin tab is really hard to find online. Can guitar tab somehow be transferred to Mandolin, or would I have to come up with all new tab? Is the Mandolin very different from the guitar? And lastly, is it worth it for me to buy a Mandolin? Thanks in advance!Bluegrass Question for Mandolin players and fiddlers?
Is it true that if you can play fiddle you can play mandolin. I have been playing fiddle for nearly two years now and I'm soing both classical and bluegrass. I know how to read music ( piano for 6 years pays off). I've been really wanting to play mandolin for quite sometime now. People tell that if you play fiddle then you can play mandolin which i understande there are 8 strings but they are the same as that of a fiddle just teo of each. so is it True?What s the difference between a mandolin and a mandola?
Are these instruments tuned differently?What are good songs to start playing mandolin ?
I just got one for christmas and i'm not really familiar with it, nor do I know any songs that would be good for a beginner. I've been playing guitar for years so i'm no stranger to the fret board. I'm really interested in celtic and classical sounding songs but i don't know where to start. Hopefully someone can help me out.Help with my rogue mandolin?
I just recently purchased a rogue mandolin. I know their not the best, but they are good for learners. I had to adjust the bridge a few times before I could get the G to cooperate. Before it was sharp when played on the twelfth fret. Now it is the same note, different octave (obviously :P ) when I play it open and fretted on the twelfth. However, now it is flat when I play it on the second fret and it makes the chords I play sound terrible. How do I adjust this.

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