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Floyd The Barber by Nirvana - Guitar Tab - Guitar Instructor
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Questions & Answers :

Anyone know where I can download a complete Nirvana guitar tab book?
for the album In Utero specifically, but really just in general Nirvana Tabs?
What are the easyist nirvan guitar tabs??? list as many as you can for the 10 PointsGuitar tabs?
where's a good place to find beginner's guitar tabs on t'internet? (i'm interested in 90's indie bands like pavement, sonic youth, my bloody valentine, nirvana, etc)Guitar tabs ???
Hi. I've been playing guitar since last summer and I've gotten really good given the time period. Tuning is still a problem, and most songs I want to learn are in drop tuning, and I don't want to try them without at least knowing some in standard (most of the other songs I want to learn are in another tuning). I have an acoustic guitar and I'm possibly getting an electric for Christmas. What are some easy tabs in standard tuning that are mainstream rock songs that I can learn without much difficulty that sound great on acoustic as well as electric (I listen to Daughtry, some Flyleaf b/c of the guitars mainly, Paramore, Evanesence, The Jonas Brothers, Yellowcard, Greenday, Rascal Flatts, Kelly Clarkson, ect )? I'm bad at bar chords and if it helps I also listen to gospel, r&b, rap, reggae, and country. I don't do Marilyn Manson or any other artist like him (or heavy metal/punk rock). Please list the songs and websites. Thanks!Guitar tabs?
does anybody know any realy easy guitar tabs that are roc.

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