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Metalica drum tab needed!!! 10 points?
I need the drum tabs for either "One" or "Master of Puppets"What does this Symbol mean in drum tabs? (description)?
Its like a o with a diagonal line going thru it, above a hit hat marker. I found it in this book i got yesterday its a Metallica drum tabs book and the symbol is used most on the song frantic (at the beginning and parts way thru. good advice from the first person but i want an answerDrum tabs .?
i just started playing drums like a month ago does anyone here know any easy songs i can learn i only have a five piece kit so i cant play anything like slipknot or anything like that but just any good rock beats would be great sorry guy that answered first i already know those hi-hat snare and bass drum beatsI can't find music for drums for Metallica's "Enter Sandman" ?
I'd love to play it and I can read music so I need a free copy I can print out.Sad but true on drums?
I want to know how to play sad but true by metallica on drums. I don't know how to read drum tabs (I have tabs for the song) so if you could tell me how to read them that would be great too. Thanks! I did'nt mean to put this in R&B.

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