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Need help finding Mandolin Tab?
Does anyone know any good sites for mandolin tabs? Not the bluegrass songs but more of the rock? Thanks(:Mandolin tabs for galway girl???
galway girl by shannon stone plz!Mandolin or guitar? Cant Decide?
So i have a delema and im looking for musicians to help. Its coming to the time where id like to choose either Mandolin or guitar to be my main instrument. Id still play the other but id focus on the one. (financially, practice) no I have a guitar and a mando. and ill list the pros and cons of each Guitar Pros- (electric is what id do) Sounds Cool, Fun, Versatille with music, Gets Girls (sometimes) Looks Cool, alot of online tab, lessons, etc Guitar Cons- Can get expensive, EVERYONE plays guitar, As of right know i can only play chords and very basic riffs, Generic instrument, Im not good with the large fretboard, I cant really picture myself being successful Mandolin Pros- Played violin for 3 years easy corrolation, already taking mando lessons, Im somewhat ok at it as of now, Its a different instrument not generic, reasonably priced, can be versatille, fun, looks nice, impressive, small Mandolin Cons- Is somewhat limited musically, not very good for the kind of music i like, can get boring, pitchy,all mandolinists ive met are music snobbs, not much tab and lessons online. There may be more that you dont see BTW ive been playing them both for like 3-6 months or so.Which website has the widest selection of mandolin tabs?
A more rock oriented selection also.Jrock sheet music/how to read tabs?
I'm looking for Jrock music for the cello or bass guitar (Especially Kanon Wakashima and Miyavi's Kimi ne Negai wo for cello) and Lm.c, Gazette, An Cafe, Miyavi, etc. for bass guitar. I dont know how to read tabs, so maybe even if someone could tell me how to do that, since it's so hard to get sheet music.

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Image Gallery mandolin tabs

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