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Mandolin Tab and Sheet Music for song:The Rock Island Line
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Need help finding Mandolin Tab?
Does anyone know any good sites for mandolin tabs? Not the bluegrass songs but more of the rock? Thanks(:What is a guitar tab?
i know this sounds really stupid but i want to learn how to play electric guitar and someone told me to start by playing guitar tabs, and i just wanted to know what exactly they areWhat are some good (and easy) dance songs for my band to play??
We're planning a company party, and we have a bunch of talented musicians working here. Drummers, bassists, guitarists, piano/organ/synth/keyboardists, vocalists, and a handful of others (horns, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, etc). Most of us play drastically different styles of music, from Bluegrass to Death Metal. We are trying to put together a list of songs to play - we want to keep them all danceable. If anyone has any suggestions (and sheet music/tabs), either respond to this question, or e-mail me. This thing may turn out a bit bizarre, we'll probably switch out band members a few times (and the ones who aren't playing can grab their signifigant others and dance, and hopefully make everyone else get up) I appreciate any suggestions!!!Music Sheets like this VIOLIN?
Where can i find more music sheets like the one below, I find this type of sheet easier too read. Before anyone says you have to pay for them, and blah blah blah I KNOW. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHERE TO GET THEM!!!!!!!!!! If there is free ones for me to practice on then I'll happily try them. Thanks in advance And also I do not mean just nursery rhymes, other pieces such as classical music would be good. Or songs from 80s, 90s, 2000, etc, pop, rock, anything available that is in the format above that i can read. ThanksGuitar chord question? (sorry for all the guitar questions)?
I was working on the song boulevard of broken dreams by green day for guitar. I found a version on ultimate One of the chords is E/D. I have No idea how to play this.. i thought it might be a split chord but i really don't know. If your wondering this chord comes with the lyrics "till then i walk alone" and the chord is on "alone". HOw do I play this?? thanks.

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