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Mandolin u0026 Tenor Banjo Chords : Mandolin GDAE TAB 200 tunes, so far.
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Mandolin tabs?!?
does anyone have the mandolin tabs for Stonehenge by spinal tap???Mandolin Tabs?
does Anyone know the Tabs to Lucy's in the Sky with Diamonds or AT LEAST the Tuning for each String? Anything would help or a link to a website that has the tabs Brown Eyed Girl mandolin tabs?
hi, so i can't seem to find mandolin tabs for brown eyed girl (van morrison) anywhere. i know the chords but i can't find the intro and outro.Mandolin tab for "Tangerine"?
I think this song is all 12-string guitar and not actually mandolin, but I have to play mandolin for it anyway. Is there a good mandolin tab for it?Learning mandolin? Tabs? Any help would be great?
I am attempting to learn mandolin. I cannot play any other insturments which it difficult. I cant read music either. I am looking for good tablature but preferably newer music. I use alltabs but that is more traditional. I also use ultimate-guitar but i can only really use it for chords. Help Please.

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