mandolin tabs classical

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I need Tabs for the Classical Mandolin?
I will most likely be playing my great-grandfather's mandolin in my school's Christmas program this year. My music teacher says that he wants the program to consist of more classical and spiritual music. I need tabs for: Carol of the Bells White Christmas Silent Night Angels we have Heard on High I would like to not have to download anything or have to pay. Thanks sooo much!Can you help me with jazz mandolin?
I love playing bluegrass on my mandolin, i know lots of chords and i can chop pretty well, but i'm not sure exactly what role a mandolin could have in jazz, i've seen a bit of it beore but not much, can you help me?What are good songs to start playing mandolin ?
I just got one for christmas and i'm not really familiar with it, nor do I know any songs that would be good for a beginner. I've been playing guitar for years so i'm no stranger to the fret board. I'm really interested in celtic and classical sounding songs but i don't know where to start. Hopefully someone can help me out.Music Sheets like this VIOLIN?
Where can i find more music sheets like the one below, I find this type of sheet easier too read. Before anyone says you have to pay for them, and blah blah blah I KNOW. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHERE TO GET THEM!!!!!!!!!! If there is free ones for me to practice on then I'll happily try them. Thanks in advance And also I do not mean just nursery rhymes, other pieces such as classical music would be good. Or songs from 80s, 90s, 2000, etc, pop, rock, anything available that is in the format above that i can read. ThanksBeginner Clarinet Questions?
Alright, I'm very interested in learning to play the clarinet. (I play guitar, bass and percussion seriously, as well as a bit of banjo, mandolin and piano. Just a bit of fiddling with those last three, really.) I really want to branch out a bit, and I've always been interested in the clarinet. I want to learn to play it - mainly for jazz. Here's the clarinet I was thinking of getting: That one seems good - I don't want anything too crazy or expensive now, cause I don't know if I'm seriously going to play or not. If I really got into it, I'd buy a better one later. So, to anyone who plays clarinet, do you consider that one good for a beginner? Also, what would I need? I've heard of reeds and stuff like that I don't see anything about a reed in this clarinet's information, so I don't know if that one uses them or what. Need help! Also! Do you read music for playing clarinet, or is it a lot of improv? Guitar uses pretty much no music, just tabs and chords. How is it for clarinet? I'd really appreciate the help all! Points to the best answer! Thanks.

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