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Basic Mandolin Chords
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Questions & Answers :

Does anybody know where I can find Wayfaring Stranger Mandolin Tabs?
Can you use a guitar book for a mandolin?
Just got a mandolin and I have a beginner guitar book - can i use it?I want to learn the mandolin?
I really want to learn the mandolin. What do I need to know, how hard is it, where do I get one ect? I've only ever played the saxophone, so I have no experience with stings whatsoever. Anything information would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Also, how much should I spend on one?Playing the mandolin?
I really want to learn to play the mandolin but have never played an instrument before - I can't afford one-to-one lessons and am a bit slow on the uptake - any tips for learning the mandolin? I have a DVD but its too hard to followDoes anyone play the mandolin?
just wondering cause my grandfather gave me a really nice mandolin and i cant play it so i was wondering if anyone could tell me a website that has really easy free songs or just let me know a few notes I can play to make my grandfather happy. I know the basic major scale so idk just try and help me ou.

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