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Can you help me with jazz mandolin?
I love playing bluegrass on my mandolin, i know lots of chords and i can chop pretty well, but i'm not sure exactly what role a mandolin could have in jazz, i've seen a bit of it beore but not much, can you help me?Mandolin help?
Where can I find chord and scale charts for mandolin. I know all my major and minor chords already but it would be nice to have a thorough chord chart (like one with 7th's 9th's and inversions) so I'm not having to think nearly as much in the middle of fast paced bluegrass jams? I've scoured the internet and not been able to find one or at least one that has more than just your typical major chords in only one voicing. I need one that has inversions and all that jazz. It really sucks having to think that quickly during jams (I'm not as nearly worried about a scale chart thats pretty easy to figure out quickly during jams. Its mostly for inversions, and crazy augmented chords)Thoughts on a mandolin for a first instrument?
I'm 20 years old and literally have no musical background whatsoever. I've always wanted to learn to play something, but my parents could really never afford to get me an instrument as a kid. So now that I'm older, I'm thinking about buying myself a mandolin. I really like it's sound and I think it would be a really interesting instrument to learn. I guess I'd just like some input as to whether a mandolin would be a good first instrument for a complete beginner to learn?Should I get a mandolin or banjo?
I play acoustic guitar and have always liked folk-rock. I'm debating on whether I should get a mandolin or banjo so I can play more of this music. I am not looking to join a band but rather just something to mess around with. The banjo is a different sound and more unique but the mandolin may be easier to play since I play guitar now. I think both sounds great! What should I buy?What kind of music sounds like bossa nova but sadder and played with a mandolin? Sounds Italian or Spanish?
The guitar sounded a lot like bossa nova. Fingerpicking and probably jazz chords though I'm not sure. I don't know if theres a lot of sad bossa nova but I havn't heard much. The guitar alone sounded like bossa nova with mostly minor chords. It sounded like old italian or old spanish music, mostly because of the mandolin. What style of music is this and what style of guitar is this because I really want to get lessons in how to play this kind of guitar. Oh and it was slower than any flamenco that I have heard I saw it in a park. I don't really know what else I can say about it.

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