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Ukulele vs Mandolin. I'm planning to buy one.
I'm going out of town tomorrow, and I'm looking to buy either a ukulele or a mandolin. I'm looking to spend between 100 and 150 dollars, for a decent make of either. I'm looking for something that looks nice, and is good for playing chords on. I'm more into strumming a guitar than playing tabs, etc. Most people think a Mandolin sounds better, so don't tell me that. I like the sounds of both equally. Which should I get? Also, can someone let me know the best brand of each between 100 and 150$ ?Is it easier to play other instruments if i play guitar?
I am 15 and ive played guitar for 9 years. I bought a ukulele last year and picked that up and was able to play pretty quick. I also want to learn the mandolin, the banjo, and hopefully piano. Will these be easier to learn having played guitar for so long? Also are there any other instruments i should learn?Country Vs. Rock (similarities and Differences)?
What are some similarities and differences in theses two type of music.Plucked instrument that sounds like a hammered dulcimer?
I love the sound of the hammered dulcimer, but being a guitar player, I would prefer to find a plucked instrument that sounds like the hammered dulcimer. Is there one that sounds close to it?What explains the huge resistance to the fact Piano and Harp are percussion instruments?
and do you think adding the term "Chordophone," (from Organology) without further definition helps or hinders a noob when answering the Q "Is the piano a stringed instrument?" Percussion = plucked, struck, beaten, slapped, kicked, etc:-) Yup, the above definition includes Harpsichord, Clavichord, Celeste, Guitar, all the manner of zithers, mandolin, dulcimers, butterfly harps, etc. Yup, the definition is a fundamental of how sound is produced as category. Pizzicato on strings, ditto strumming ala guitar, slapping, tapping, or knocking the body of the stringed instruments; audibly tapping the keys on a wind instrument, etc. are all percussion sound (so is clicking your tongue vs. singing!). @ JoshuaCharles: Keyboards is super vague. Some are percussion, others, organ = wind. The newer electronic keyboards are technically non-percussive, even while playing a piano sample: add they can and do play sound types from each fundamental group, 'wind' 'string' or 'percussion,' and I don't buy your new category. For this elemental trio of definitions, anyway, no new term has been needed for a long time. And IJones' added harp definition just proves how idiotically incorrect a 'legitimate' printed source can be. LOL-NOT! This shows me where a good part of the confusion may come from -wrong info in 'respected' sources. The Harp, being percussion, is placed in the percussion section of the orchestra, just as are the piano, celeste, timpani, tubular bells, and all the rest. Folks, if the instrument cannot sustain the volume of its initial attack, or make a crescendo or decrescendo, IT IS A PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT, regardless of the material involved in producing the sound, whether it be string, metal or wooden bar, membrane, and regardless of the fact it is either struck or plucked. I'm as riled about this as I am about 'power chords,' i.e. the phenomenon of people believing what they feel or think about something is legitimate enough to change established fact. String sound is defined as a bow being drawn across a string. It is a sound category first, the instruments falling in line within the sound category, and not vice verso. Slippery slope, that. (Yes, strings playing pizzicato are temporarily percussion sounds. A bowed vibraphone or marimba is not, at that moment, a percussion sound.) So, dear colleagues parts of your parsings out of harp is a stringed instrument, for example are, uh, just incorrect:-.

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