mandolin chords two finger
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How to play 2 finger mandolin chords?
Why can't I play these mandolin chords?
Okay, so I have been playing piano for a while now, and decided I would try mandolin. I just got my new mandolin and have it tuned properly (at least I think so) and am trying to play a G chord. So I put my fingers on the right strings and frets, and then I strum. But it doesn't sound like a G chord; it just sounds like when I strum without my fingers on the strings at all. Is it because my fingers are too big? Is it because my mandolin isn't tuned right? Or am I just playing the chord wrong? Thanks! :) I tuned it, and played the chord exactly like you said, and it still isn't playing.How does one play mandolin with guitar?
I play guitar and have taken up mandolin a few months ago. I've learned a bit of how to play chop chords, the two finger chords, and the c scale. But anyway, I have a couple of recorded acoustic jams and want to add mandolin but not entirely sure on how to correspond it with the guitar, what should I play in order for it to sound good? For example, lets say I have a chord progression with a basic "boom chuck" strumming method of C-G-C, how would I spice that up with adding the mandolin? How should I play the mandolin over it? I'm sure there's no right answer, but whatever, I want a general idea.How do you figer out chords on the mandolin?
iv got C chord down but that was fluke best to use the name of the notes instead of tabs if you can best to use the name of the notes instead of tabs if you canIs the mandolin a difficult instrument to take up without experience?
I have no history in music and I have never played a string instrument, but I do have a good ear for rhythm and very good hand-eye coordination. I wanted to take up an instrument and the mandolin appealed to me VERY much. With my background, would the mandolin be difficult or would I be alright with practice.

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