mandolin chords to hey soul sister

Ukulele : ukulele chords for hey soul sister Ukulele Chords For Hey at Ukulele Chordsu201a Ukulele ...
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How to strum hey soul sister on acoustic guitar?
I know how to play all the chords on the guitar for Hey Soul Sister by train and everything but the strumming is the problem sortof a begginer.Everytime I strum a not like for example,If I play the Gmajor chord and strum it will come out terrible and you cant even notice that the chord is beign played.I've even tried pressing down on the string harded but the same thing happened,and I also made sure I tuned the guitar if that helps .Well known songs in a beginner Ukulele Book?
my cousin has a ukulele and i'm going to get one also. she had this book that was for beginners and i think it taught her how to play. it had songs in it like hey soul sister, toes, viva la vida, and other songs that were well known. i know its not much to go on, but does anyone know what this book is called? Thank you for your help!! it was for soprano ukulele if that helpsHow to play SONGS on the guitar ?
So i recently got a guitar, so this might seem like a really stupid question. I learned how to play a lot of chords and wanted to learn how to play some songs. For example, Hey Soul Sister by Train. I watched a video on you tube and the guy say to play a D chord. Then he played the song and when he got to the D chord he just strummed all the way up and all the way down. I thought when you play a D chord you don't strum the top two strings i am very confused.

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