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Love Story by Taylor Swift - Guitar Chords/Lyrics - Guitar Instructor
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Where can i get Taylor Swift Mandolin Sheet music?
I play mandolin and i want to either get the chords or the tabs to play taylor swift songs. I really want to learn to play fifteen. Is there a place that i can get it? I need mandolin music not guitar. its different.How do you play the chorus of fifteen by Taylor Swift on Guitar?
Basically, I know the chords are G Em7 D Cadd9 G D/f#, but I can't get the strum just right. I've been experimenting with several different strums and none of them sounds quite right. Does anyone know how to play this? I would appreciate it. Also below is how I've been playing the verses and intro, can you give me any tips? I know how to play the intro and the verses I think. The chords are G (with 4 fingers), Cadd9, Em7 Cadd9. The strum pattern I've been using is dudu dddd (down-up-down-up down-down-down-down). When I get to the four down-strums, I take my pinky off of the string for the first two down strums and put it back on the string for the second two (this helps mimic the mandolin on the record). By the way, I know Taylor Swift is not technically country, but people in this section tend to give the best answers to guitar playing questions.Can someone give me some Violin selections for my violin teacher?
She wanted some violin songs that we wanted to learn, and she will transpone them to make them easier, because next week is only my 2nd week of violin lessons. I don't want the to be to easy, or to hard. Do you have some suggestions? So far I have --Ode to joy ---Silent night ---Castle on a cloud ---I dreamed a dream ---Taylor swift--our song Should I take something out? Put something in? By the way, I love broadway songs, because I'm in my college choir.What is the difference between blues and country?
My friend asked so I don't know how to explain. I'm more of a blues person and i don't know much about country.

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