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What is the best site for songs which have mandolin chords?
Well I am currently self teaching myself the mandolin and I just want to know the chords on the mandolin for 'love, love, love by Avalanche city' and if possible 'Sunset by Avalanche city' Would be very helpful if anyone knows a site…….What are the mandolin chords to "I Will Wait" by Mumford and Sons?
I have been looking EVERYWHERE for them! Does anybody know the MANDOLIN chords to this song? Thanks!Ukulele chords to mandolin chords?
I'm the proud owner of a lovely mandolin (aw, yes. :-)) but there's piles of tablature for ukuleles and hardly anything for my poor old mandolin. Is there anyway that I can learn to convert ukulele chords into mandolin chords? I've tried tuning my mando to a uke, but I ended up snapping a string after several attempts - not pretty. So, yes. I appreciate any help! Thank you! I'm not too bad at playing - I can play banjo and guitar, and I've been playing the mandolin for about a year. It's just that I'm a little frustrated at the lack of 'popular' music for it.Can somebody give me a mandolin chord chart with all the chords on it.?
If you're wondering why I would need all chords, I plan on using that sheet to pick out the chords i need for certain song individually and writing them on separate sheets. I did type it into google. But every image had a different amount of chords so I was unsure if any of them had all the chords.Mandolin and guitar chords?
Ok so I play an acoustic guitar fairly well and I just got a mondolin and I was wondering if the chords can be played the same. Like if I were to play a 'G' on the guitar would I be able to play 'G' on the mandolin? Also I'm lookin for country songs that use the mandolin, I know the band Gloriana uses a mandolin but I can't find anything online that has the chords like it does with guitar. Would guitar chords work? Thank yo.

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