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Ou2019Caolanu2019s Concerto (Updated Version) : Mandolin GDAE TAB 200 tunes, so far.
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Can you play a Mandolin with Guitar chords?
I know you can play a ukelele with guitar chords, meaning chords such as A, G, D, E, Am, and so on, but can you do the same on a Mandolin? Is it sort of like going from a 6 string to a 12 with guitars? But 4 to 8 in this case.Is playing mandolin and acoustic guitar pretty much the same?
what i mean is, if i can play guitar will i be able to play mandolin ( i know it sounds different and stuff ) but like are the chords, strings, notes the same? thanksHow do you figer out chords on the mandolin?
iv got C chord down but that was fluke best to use the name of the notes instead of tabs if you can best to use the name of the notes instead of tabs if you canDoes the mandolin and the violin have the same fingerings?
I'm trying to learn how to play but i'm having trouble finding fingering charts but i have found many violin chartsMandolin questions ?
I play the piano and the violin and love string instruments so I've been thinking of buying a mandolin and giving it a go :) I've heard the tuning is the same as a violin, GDAE? But then there's different tunings too. How do the double strings work? And if you tune them differently? And the plucking? Because I play the violin I have a good grasp about intervals on string instruments, is it similar? I like the look of the more traditional looking rounder ones, rather than the ones that kinda look like a guitar. I think they're called F-style? I'm really interested in getting a mandolin and would appreciate it if someone who plays could give me some information :) Thanks.

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