mandolin chords b flat

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How do you make a B flat minor chord on a mandolin?
please and thank youMandolin/Guitar Chords Question?
I am trying to play covers on my mandolin like this one: but these are guitar chords. If I play a chord,such as Em, on the mandolin, is it the same note as playing the Em chord on the guitar? I ask this out of confusion because when i use to play the French horn, playing an F on a French horn was the same note a playing a B flat on a trumpet. Thank you. I am knowledgeable that guitar chords are formed differently due to the face that a guitar has a different string configuration than a mandolin.What s the difference between a mandolin and a mandola?
Are these instruments tuned differently?What are the chords most commonly used in Tibetan folk music,?
What are the chords most commonly used in Tibetan folk music? specifically from the region of Amdo and for the Mandolin. Thanks, here's an example of a song. again thanks, it looks like you had the same link already. Your answer was very helpful. My husband is Tibetan and wants to learn how to play the Mandolin, but all of the instruction is for western songs.How hard is the madolin?And what are some good songs to learn?
Ive been playing guitar for a year now and i plan on buying a mandolin how hard is it and whats some good song.

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